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Cafés you can't miss in Pondicherry

Pondicherry does one thing better than most places in our country- i.e., their cafés. From French patisseries to boulangeries, you get the best-baked goodies in this erstwhile French colony. Pastry connoisseurs like myself, make our yearly pilgrim to this bustling tourist beach town just to deep dive into their new cafés. Over the years, I have compiled a list of places I love visiting and they've managed to keep their quality consistent.

  • Bread & Chocolate, Auroville- This place truly holds a special spot in my heart. Every item from their menu is handcrafted with so much care that it is hard to not name them first. I haven't been to their newer outlets but I am sure those are just as good.

  • Auroville Bakery & Café- much before the advent of swanky spots in Auroville and Pondicherry, this one stood like a jewel to the crown- the sole spot selling top-notch baked goodies to Auroville's locals and visitors alike. And to this day, they have been producing superior quality pastries.

  • Coromandel Cafe- Spearheaded by Chef Jay (who has now quit), this place is one of the most highly rated cafes/restaurants in Pondicherry, and for good reason. You will find huge queues on most days during peak hours. I would suggest heading there early in the day for a bit of peace. Do not forget to try their eggs benedict with pink sauce.

  • Artika Cafe Gallery- This place is stunning- both its vibes and fresh, healthy dishes are a must-try when in the French Town. Health nuts on a holiday need not freak out since they do their best to keep calories at bay. (this place has since shut down)

  • Cafe des Arts- This is another hotspot in Pondicherry bringing in people from all states and nationalities. Truth be told, I found it a little overhyped but many others beg to differ. I did however love their store that houses many homegrown brands.

  • le cafe- Think of stunning views of the Bay of Bengal while chowing down your breakfast. Again their food isn't something to write home about, neither do they provide great service so go there just to enjoy the views.

  • le Pondicherry- Housing an amazing selection of desserts and coffees, le Pondicherry mustn't be missed. I would strongly suggest visiting their Promenade branch for stunning views of the sea.

  • Baker St. - You can't go to Pondicherry and not step inside Baker Street. They have opened an outlet by the promenade beach and I guess that's prettier than the old one. This place has a wide array of affordable pastries and ready-to-serve sandwiches, baguettes, etc which makes it a perfect spot for breakfast or carry your picks to enjoy them at the beach (don't forget to clean your trash).

These are my picks from Pondicherry, let me know in case I have missed a spot you love and I will make sure to check it out on my next visit!


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