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5 Pizza Places You Must Know in Kolkata

You can run, you can hide but you can't stop yourself from reaching for that slice. And Kolkata dishes out some pretty good variety of these bad boys!

Pizzas are the LBDs (little black dresses) of the food community. Having a bad day? Order a pizza. Having a good day? Order a pizza. Got dumped? dial-up for a pizza. Drunk? Pizza. Date night? Pizza. Movie night? Pizza. No matter the occasion, pizza is the answer. I have gone a whole 360 from being a pizza hater (don't blame me, I only had access to domino's for a major chunk of my life) to a pizza lover and now I can't stop myself from hunting for the best one in town.

Fabbrica Della Pizzeria

This one is hand's down the best pizzeria in the city. From perfect Neapolitan crusts to a variety of toppings, including their DIY options, Fabbrica surely takes the crown for tossing out the city's best pizzas. I have dined here 1000s of times and never once have I been disappointed.

Must-Try: Pizza with bechamel sauce, bacon, mushrooms, caramelised onions topped with ricotta.


While talking of Pizzas, we can't miss out on this Italian fine dining restaurant at Quest Mall. Their bread baskets and thin-crust pizzas, surely keep the patrons coming back for more. But if I am being biased, I do like their pastas over their pizzas.

Broccoli Pizza and Pasta

I know! I know! The same sounds awful, but the Broccoli pizza and pasta franchise are well known for their pizzas. They have a branch in City Centre 2 Rajarhat and their pizzas surely deserve a special mention!

Fire and Ice Pizzeria

Known for its Italian fare, this joint serves one of the best pizzas in the city. And not just pizzas, all the other dishes are equally good. Must try from their menu would be the Octopus salad and "Fire of Bengal" Pizza.

My Big Fat Belly

Famous for their burgers, My Big Fat Belly surely does a mean pizza. What's even better is the drizzle of chili oil on their thin-crust pizzas. And the best part? They are priced quite reasonably owing to the fact that they attract hordes of students.

So these are my favorite pizzas in the city. The truffle oil pizza with arugula leaves at The Salt House deserves a special mention. While the place isn't typically known for its pizzas, but

this pizza is definitely worth a try from their menu.

If I have missed a pizza you love, leave a comment and let me know since I am always on the hunt for a good pizza ;)




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