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48 hours in Jaipur- a detailed guide to Jaipur

A city seeping in History and culture while also holding space for upscale urban cafes and restaurants- Jaipur has it all. However, it can get a bit overwhelming if you try to include everything in 48 hours so here's my pick of the places you shouldn't miss when in the pink city.

  • Rawat Misthan Bhandar- Start your day early with a heavy Rajasthani breakfast. Enjoy their Pyaz Kachodi and famous Mawa Kachodi. Rawat is quite famous for their sweets so make sure you take a pick of your favorites and don't forget to pack some before leaving Jaipur. I strongly recommend trying the garam doodh (hot milk with saffron and crushed nuts). Enjoy this guilt-free because you will have to walk a lot the entire day!

  • Hawa Mahal- after you are done with your hearty breakfast, head to Hawa Mahal. explore the rich history of the palace which was built for the royal women to enjoy processions held outside since they weren't allowed to venture out. But the real charm lies in heading to one of the cafés opposite Hawa Mahal to try and take a picture of the palace in the background. The Tattoo Café and Lounge and Wind View Café are the two cafes bang opposite Hawa Mahal but know that these places are ALWAYS crowded with throngs of tourists trying to take their shot.

  • Bapu Bazaar- A shopper's paradise and famous for its Rajasthani juttis, this market is a stone's throw away from Hawa Mahal. you can easily hail a battery-operated rickshaw to take you there. Make sure you bargain (reasonably) and shop to your heart's content. If you aren't quite exhausted then make sure you also check out Johari Bazaar, adjacent to Bapu Bazaar. They are famous for jewelry.

  • Lunch at Café Auberge- It is hard to pick a nice place to have a good meal in a city that is buzzing with good food. Located in the House of Bhinder, this cafe serves more than good food. the area is peaceful and the decor of the cafe is beautiful. you can sit at the patio order yourself a good lunch and chill for hours. they also have a furnishing shop and homestay on the premises. we had their hand-beaten coffee and keema baati with shorba.

  • Albert Hall- it is time to walk off the calories from lunch and head to Central Museum which is the other name for Albert Hall Museum. Marvel at the collection of artifacts from around the globe. History buffs will love strolling through this place.

  • Dinner at Nataraj Restaurant and Sweets- a short nap later, we were hungry again, and this time we picked a place serving authentic Rajasthani fare. After a lot of digging through the internet, we made our way to Nataraj and they bowled us over! while the restaurant only serves vegetarian food like most places in Jaipur, they do so with such precision that you wouldn't miss non-vegetarian food much. We tried their season special thali and every item on that huge plate was chef's kiss. The same area also has Lassiwala and Jalmahal Ice Cream Parlour where you can finish off your first day with some dessert.

Day 2

  • Breakfast at Labonne Bouche Patisserie- while on the first day, we had a typical Rajasthani breakfast, on our second day we decided to try a good European breakfast from this upscale French-style patisserie. We ordered a mushroom quiche that was more like a pie and a really good panini sandwich! We also had their coffee (didn't love it), a cappuccino croissant (which wasn't as flaky and fresh as I would want it to be), and a fresh fruit gateau that I loved.

  • Amber Palace/ Amer Fort- right after breakfast head to Amer Fort and if you can walk uphill to the palace or walk farther down to their parking where you can hail one of their buggy rides for 100 INR each side. Enjoy the palace architecture and the sheer beauty of the Sheesh Mahal.

  • Lunch/ Chai at 1135 AD- We went there intending to have our lunch but unfortunately, they were only serving buffet (it was Christmas) and we didn't have the appetite for it so instead we just enjoyed masala chai while gazing at the sunset from the fort and feeling like royalty. If you aren't already late here make sure you check out Nahargarh Fort and Panna Meena ka Kund in the same vicinity. We had gotten very late so we are reserving our next trip to check these places out. Anokhi Museum is also a must-visit here. And whatever you do, make sure you avoid weekends here.

  • Rabri at Mahaveer Rabri Bhandar Chandpole Bazaar- Any trip to Jaipur would be incomplete if you don't try their creamy rabri full of malai chunks. I also had another cup of garam doodh here. Right as we were about to leave we saw them bring out these huge, thick rotis and upon asking, they pointed us to their sit-down joint right opposite, where you can sit and have bejad roti with lehsan chutney and paneer sabzi. Bejad is a mix of different types of flour and they serve it hot with a spicy garlic-y relish and with a rich medley of onion gravy with paneer cubes and potato.

  • Café White Sage- We couldn't quite leave Jaipur without checking out this plush café serving an admirable vegetarian menu. We tried the red rice sushi which was incredible and some sweet potato tempura fries. We were quite full from the bejad roti and I wish I could try more of their food but if I am in Jaipur again, I will make sure I visit this cafe during the daytime just to admire the decor.

watch part 2 of my vlog here

These were my top picks for 48 hours in Jaipur. I would strongly suggest that you don't visit this city during the weekend as the crowds can become unbearable. Be aware of the scam


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