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Hi! I am Mehr, I am a complete food and travel aficionado with an ever-changing range of hobbies. I also dabble in astrology, finance and often write to navigate through life.

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Around the World through Food


PB, London

I would highly recommend Mehr’s astrology services. They are professional and very patient with my questions. I feel very comfortable sharing my details receiving insights from them and most of her insights from reading my chart are aspects which are true or I can relate too. Astrology fascinates me and every time I am curious about the goings on, I will no doubt turn to Mehr. I would also recommend the human design reading as it was very very insightful and will be very helpful for planning my future.

Nitish Shaw, Doon

Mehr, you made me believe again that I was meant for big things. I sought your insights at a real low point in my life. At a time when I didn't think there was any way up.

But the way you laid things out for me.. about my past, present, and future, I think it went a long way in re-establishing beliefs.

Yana, Kolkata

I have taken readings from Mehr quite a few times and it has been really enlightening. Her readings made me understand why certain things are happening in my life and what is the astrology interpretation behind them. She helped me through a few of the worst phases of my life. She is extremely sharp at what she does and does not mince any words while you take a reading. The way she explains everything and correlates that to your life and times is commendable. Looking forward to many such sessions with her in the future.

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